Our sourdough bread, baked garlic, Styrian Cream (for 2) (V)   7.50

Marinated red beets with goat cheese, caramelized walnuts, and chicory (V) 12.00

Chiemsee Vitello - pink-roasted veal on a smoked char cream 15.00

with crispy capers

Onion soup, oven baked with crouton and mountain cheese   9.50

Main Courses

Breaded chicken breast from corn-fed chicken, served with Heurigen salads 21.00

Weißwurst – 2 Munich white sausages with sweet mustard and pretzel   9.50

Viennese goulash with pretzel dumplings 14.50

Tarte flambée Alsatian with bacon, spring onions, and sour cream 14.00

Tarte flambée Veggie with roasted peppers, spring onions, 14.50

parsley pesto, and sour cream


Curd dumplings, rhubarb, and homemade vanilla ice cream           11.00

Chocolate mousse in a glass with berry coulis 9.00

For Kids

French fries red/white 5.50

Pasta with tomato sauce or pesto 9.00

Small portion of breaded chicken with fries           12.00